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Over the last thirty years Denlore Photography has captured millions of photographs. We have also created, edited or converted video of some of the historic events that have taken place. It has cost us thousands of dollars in video equipment, computers and software in order to produce and preserve our videos.
We will present our videos here on this web site. If you think these videos here are valuable, please donate what ever you can in order to help defray the cost of equipment and server space which video takes a lot of. The link to donate is below as well as the link to our first video that was uploaded. Please be advised that these videos are copywritten and are protected by tracker Alerts which will notify us if video is downloaded.

Video of the Green Mountain Stock Farm and Knights home in Rhode Island.
This video starts off with Mr. Knight and family. It then shows his sheep and his niece Winter Knight as young girl with the sheep. The video then switched to the Green Mountain Stock Farm and the golden weatherwane being attached to one of the barns. There is a darkened section of the video which is Art Titus working a horse in harness. There is some footage of the stock farm dispersal along with working some horses. The video finished with a hunting trip taken on horse back by Mr. Knight. Horses are loaded on a ship for the trip.

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